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The “Grey Rock Master Plan”, including a concept for the overall project, is shown on the attached plan. The Master Plan divides the lots into four zones: *Highway Showcase *Highway Commercial *General Commercial *Destination Anchor Project.

The Highway Showcase lots are closest to the new Trans-Canada Highway interchange and the project’s primary access road (Grey Rock Road). These lots are intended for big box retail, food service, gas, and other commercial retail units (CRUs). The remaining portion of the site near to the Trans-Canada Highway is designated for Highway Commercial.

The Highway Showcase and Highway Commercial lots range in size from 1.7 to 8.3 acres and are accessed from Grey Rock Road, Tomawey Street, Mahsus Court, Muwin Street and Sakomasq Street.

The back half of the site contains 14 lots. Thirteen of these lots are designated for General Commercial and they range in size from 1.1 to 3.8 acres along Tomawey Street, Sakomasq Street and Grey Rock Road. The configuration of these lots provides the option for some to be consolidated into larger parcels.

The terrain of the project site is not flat and rises with varying elevation changes from the Trans-Canada Highway. These rising elevations create the setting to develop the project in the northeastern corner of the site. This 15.0 acre parcel is located at the end of Grey Rock Road and includes a development portion that is surrounded by managed open space to protect panoramic views and other amenities. A lot adjacent to this project (Lot 20A) is designated for possible expansion of the project.

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